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What is the The Wellness Web?

A virtual platform that’s designed to meet you where you’re at. It’s filled with workouts featuring the signature methods of award winning Personal Trainer, Alana Leger. The Wellness Web is also jam packed with recipes, mindset tools and practices that make living a balanced lifestyle easier than ever.

No matter how full life gets, this program offers the amount of guidance and flexibility you need to create space for you and cultivate sustainable, long-lasting change. You will also be a part of an incredible community of women eager to cheer you on that are on a similar path to bettering themselves!

Start where you are and let’s elevate all areas of your wellness, together. Let Alana empower you as your own personal Coach through workouts including cardio and strength training with mix of high and low intensity. We offer something for everyone. It’s like having a personal trainer to access anytime, anywhere.


Alana Leger is a wife and mother of two boys who has been a Personal Trainer and Women’s Health Coach for over 20 years.

She began her career in corporate wellness managing award winning teams and receiving the award for the top women’s club in the country. Shortly after Alana opened Barbella Studio, a women’s personal training studio in Burlington, ON.

As the demand for Alana’s personal training and wellness coaching services grew, she expanded to online live workouts, which ultimately led to the launch of her Wellness Web membership platform, attracting thousands of women worldwide.

Alana is thrilled to have you join her platform where you can workout with her on demand – anytime, anywhere!


What’s Inside the Wellness Web?

Unlimited access to a workout video library 

All workouts featuring Alana’s award winning signature workout method, that’s helped thousands of women worldwide

New workout videos each month

Workout method combines cardio, strength training with a mix of high and low intensity. Think of it as in home personal training, offering something for everyone

Monthly live workout & group coaching Session with Alana Leger ($66/month option)

Brand new wellness content each month including mindset exercises, journal prompts and self-care tools

A community of high vibe, supportive women with common goals

Weekly workout schedule to meet your goals

…and so much more!!


Frequently Asked

These are my most frequently asked questions about The Wellness Web:

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Who is this program suitable for?

Every single woman. No matter what stage of the game you’re at, you will find so much value in having consistent support, connection and accountability. Workouts are beginner-friendly and can be tailored accordingly if you’re craving more of a challenge. There’s options for every single woman to ensure we’re maximizing her time.

I’m a busy mom, what does this commitment look like?

We love Mamas! While there’s a workout schedule laid out for you every week as a tool to support you,  you can go at your own pace. There’s so much flexibility in your process through this program.You’ll have unlimited access to personal training videos at your finger tips. You get to choose which time and system is best for you. This isn’t about adding another thing on your plate, but rather introducing a beautiful platform you can utilize at any time that works for you.

How much does it cost?

Our regular rate is $44 CDN per month + hst, with no long-term commitment required. If at anytime this doesn’t feel like the right fit for you, no stress! You can cancel at anytime.


Meeting Alana for the first time I knew instantly she was the push I was waiting for. After having two children and then a few years later, my self care had tanked . And I felt miserable . I had watched all my habits turn into things I wanted to change. She was so motivating and two years later she is still the supportive coach I found on day one. She makes you feel empowered , important , and you feel her genuine self glow as she has a way of verbally applauding you and motivating you every time you need it.

I’m so lucky I have now an amazing friend for life and this same someone has helped me prioritize myself again .
She empowers me with Exercise , food choices and most of all feeling stronger physically and mentally .
Yes …I’ve still got personal goals ahead and I can’t imagine not having Alana and her boundless energy and passion along side with me for all of it.

Erica G.

My name is Victoria and I love the Wellness Web!
I love being able to access workouts, recipe ideas, stretches, and coaching anytime and anywhere. I love being a part of a community of women who are sharing my goals and lifestyle. I find that doing a workout on the wellness web with Alana is just like having her with me wherever I am.

Honestly, life can be crazy but having that constant connection to Alana makes such a big difference in my life. Being able to have access to help with Meals, Movement and Mindset wherever I am. I have the flexibility workout with my kids in the room, or have them workout with me!  Alana’s positivity, knowledge, enthusiasm, and caring spirit changed my life, she became my friend, my coach, my support, my accountability, and she helped me lose over  40 pounds, and change my lifestyle.


Victoria G.

What I love about the virtual workouts is that I can do them at any point that works for me. The workouts are always different with minimal to no equipment required. You don’t even need a large room to complete them in.

The encouragement that you receive from Alana while doing the workouts live or at any time makes you feel that she is right there in the room with you. Her enthusiasm and motivation is key to proving that you are one strong mama! I look forward to doing the videos regularly as it is only 15 to 30 minutes which can be squeezed it at any point during the day or night. The other options of nutrition, yoga and coaching are added bonuses.

Alana is a wonderfully personal trainer that takes her clients feedback, suggestions and questions to ensure you are getting what you want out of the virtual workouts. 

Amanda P.