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Happy September Beauties!

We’re stepping into a fresh, new and exciting chapter this month. September is the perfect opportunity to create more space in our lives as we get back into a routine again. However, I encourage you not to rush back into the swing of things just yet!

I would love for us to focus on intentionally easing into September, to give us time to reflect, process, and move forward with inspiration and purpose. The first week of September is all about mindset work, soaking in time outside while getting movement in, and getting refreshed and inspired before we launch ALL content September 15th.

For now, I encourage you to focus on full belly laughs, good sleeps, and surrounding yourself with people that lift you higher. We have one video launched for September so far, but don’t forget we have 100+ videos in our library! Babes, let’s get refreshed and recharged, to fill our souls for what the rest of what September will bring us.

A reminder that it’s okay if you’re not feeling grounded or completely sure of the next chapter, even when we feel the need for change it’s so common to not know what it will look like. I encourage you to embrace the unknown by feeling the love and fun in the movement! Get outside, spend time walking outside at least 30-minutes a day, and ground in.

I also encourage you to head to my Instagram and enter my giveaway for my dreamy gift basket! It’s filled with all of my favourite things and I want to give back to the special and empowering women I’m so grateful to have in my life!

As a bite of a site note: we are working hard behind the scenes for an elevated and simplistic experience for ALL members, for more details on our vision you can watch my video here. 

Remember, it’s okay to feel the need to change and also be unsure what that will look like. Movement is our outlet to FEEL, be present, and listen to what’s calling us.

Love, Alana    






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