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Welcome to October!

This month marks our one-year anniversary of The Wellness Web! I’m overflowing with gratitude, love and appreciation for every single one of you. Thank you for being here, for choosing you and being a part of such an incredible community full of powerful women.

To celebrate, we have a fun month planned with weekly themes and prizes!

October 1st-10th: post your favourite fall recipe in our facebook group! Let’s share our faves leading up to Thanksgiving weekend. As an added layer of fun, Friday October 8th is my 5-year wedding anniversary. Let’s celebrate love, connection (and my love of core 😉) by adding in a core workout and tagging me @alanalegerwellness! You’ll be entered into a draw to win a bottle of my fave bubbles and a gift basket full of my fave things.

October 11th-17th: go back through the year’s worth of Wellness Web content, choose your fave workout, and post your feel good flows and sweaty selfies. Don’t forget about our newest feature that allows you to ‘like/love’ workouts to create a custom favourite workouts list. Tag #WellnessWeb and @alanalegerwellness to inspire others in your circle! 

October 18th-24th: share your favourite tips, tricks and routines for grounding yourselves in our Facebook group. Let’s support and encourage each other to create space in our day for self-connection and nourishing our minds the best way we can.

October 25th-31st: post, tag and celebrate the incredible women in your life! Let’s spread connection, high vibes and empower each other on our Facebook group. I know I will using this week to celebrate all of you incredible women, cheer you on, and create a beautiful container of full gratitude for all of us.

Babes, this month is all about accountability and community! I encourage you to reflect, share and celebrate your journey with us. Every single one of you is an inspiration. I can’t wait to watch you show up for you, shine bright and inspire those around you. 

Cheering you on, always. Let’s make this month magical!

Love, Alana    






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