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Happy November, Babes!

This month is a 30 day invitation for us to fully immerse ourselves into a feel good routine. I encourage you to clear on what your “why” is, what you want, and how you can create impact with a routine that matches these desires. As we creep towards the holidays and dark winter mornings, it’s more important than ever that we set aside time just for us.

Print out your calendar, grab your pen, and pick up some cute fall stickers! Let’s make November full of fun, growth and reconnection. I’ve included your first week of workouts, but have left most of the calendar blank for you to choose a feel good routine that feels good for you. I challenge you to sit down on Sundays to map out the week ahead and ensure you’re showing up for yourself. Every movement practice, no matter how long, is a step forward — remember that!

Recently I saw a quote by Viola Davis: “We often marry for the wow and now, versus the everyday” and it’s totally stuck with me since. It’s made me think about how even with something like our lifestyle, we often gravitate towards the quick fixes or what’s trendy. The truth is, our lifestyle is created by the small, everyday habits. When we focus on the small things, it amounts to so much transformation and most importantly change that’s sustainable long-term. Allow yourself the time for movement and feeling good, you’ll soon notice the beautiful growth and impact that follows!

I want to thank each of you who have shopped and tagged me in your beautiful Zyia gear!  For those of you who want to gift for others this holiday (or a treat for yourself!), I encourage you to place your order before the end of November to ensure it arrives on time. The red and black metallics are so hot for holidays, a total must have! To our American friends, I hope you have the most lovely Thanksgiving. To all of you, stay tuned as I will be sharing more on a celebration for you babes soon!

Ladies, I love you. I adore you. I’m proud of you for being here. You’re an important part of my life. And I mean that deeply! Remember, YOU are the most important meeting of your day.

Looking forward to seeing you glow, grow & shine this month!

Love, Alana    






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