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We often say “I would die for my [children, partner, parents, etc]” but why don’t we LIVE for them?The more we live for ourselves, the more those who we “mother” will benefit – they will feel inspired and want to soak in all of that beautiful, positive, and radiant energy you provide.

May has 31 beautiful days, which are 31 opportunities to keep ourselves at the top of our list. Breathe it in and imagine what beautiful change can unfold with 31 days of commitment. I want you to feel it, embrace it, and commit to moving for the next 31 days, everyday.

On Saturday, May 7th I want to celebrate women, motherhood, and togetherness. Let’s get on our mats together and one of your amazing women will receive a special surprise after our live session! Invite your mamas and special ladies in your life. Let’s bloom into a more aligned, authentic, and honest version of ourselves.

I encourage you to grow and change for yourself, not anyone else. Prioritize your solo time; whether it’s walks in nature, planting your feet into the grass, or embracing a quiet moment. Discover what sets your soul on fire, live with intention, and claim what is yours, babe. Shake off what isn’t serving you and grab onto what’s meant for you.

May has 31 beautiful days. 31 opportunities to keep ourselves at the top of our list. Imagine what great change could unfold with 31 days of commitment – feel it, embrace it, and commit to moving for the next 31 days, everyday.

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I encourage you to share, post, tag to empower women to join our growing community and inspire those around us to receive even greater support, self-love, and taking care of their wellness. Stay connected with me @alanalegerwellness to lift each other up all month long!

You’ve got this, babe. 

Ps. you’ve got more accountability coming your way this month!


Love, Alana    


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