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Let’s ease into 2023, together.

There’s always so much noise heading into a fresh and new year, but I’m here to remind you that we can shut out the noise and keep it simple, babe. Instead of putting unnecessary pressure on yourself, I’d love for you to firstly dream up what would feel good this month. 

I encourage you to have two main focuses for the next 31 days. It’s all about small, simplistic, and feel good day-to-day habits! This month one of my focuses is quieter evenings where I slow down earlier to recharge and reset. What are the two small commitments you will make to YOU? What will make you feel connected, help you level up, and elevate your energy?

If you’d like extra support this month, remember that I’m just an email, DM, or phone call away! I have space in my calendar, so please reach out to book a call or session and if you’re looking for extra inspiration day-to-day, I’d love for you to follow along on Instagram to soak up the messaging and realness I share. Plus, I will be launching an ultimate fitness subscription January 2nd with details on IG! Click here to follow along and stay up to date on all of the juicy details!

For all of my local WW members, there will be opportunities to meet in person for a hot room sweat sesh at Yogashala in Waterdown every Monday and Wednesday! If you’re interested in grabbing a class pass, reach out to me here.

On January 9th, our 30 days to THRIVE program begins. Click here to find out more. Also, more content will launching on the Wellness Web for you to explore!

My hope is to continue to build a safe and elevating wellness space for you, that gives you full permission to be human. I’m here for you and I’m always cheering for you!

Love, Alana


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