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Welcome to chapter 2/12, this month our focus will be all around self love. This month we will be prioritizing ourselves, taking ourselves out on dates, checking in with ourselves (not just surface level), and making sure we will our cups first.

This month I encourage you to write yourself a love note, put it up somewhere you can see it each day, reach it daily. When you take the time to reach it, stop, and feel the love in your body.

Take a sticky note, put it up on a mirror with one thing you love about yourself.

In February we focus so much on the love for others, but what about ourselves? Can you schedule some time in your calendar this month to go out on a solo date, maybe to get your nails done, get a fancy coffee, or out for a meal? If this feels uncomfortable see if you can hook up with a friend to go out, to spend some true connected time with a loved one.




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