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The Ultimate Subscription

What is the Ultimate Subscription?

This is the most elevated gym membership around, we are breaking down the walls to give you an all access pass to training with the best of the best. A traditional gym membership gives you access to four walls, this ULTIMATE subscription gives you access to coaching, yoga, pilates, boxing, strength session, and an online platform with 100s of workout videos.

This is a membership that is an experience, not structured, gives you the access to train in multiple facilities under one cost, one fee. Gives you the opportunity to be apart of something bigger, something more elevated, and to bring forth accountable with having monthly coaching sessions to check in.

What is included?

Unlimited Spicy Strength Session In-person with Alana


4 boxing class at No Excuse Boxing


4 pilates classes at EXHALE Pilates

& ALL access to The Wellness Web

Included with all weekly live workouts, and monthly workout calendar


This is for EVERY women who wants to step into 2023 feeling ALIVE. 

The Ultimate Subscription FAQs

Question: Is there a minimum monthly commitment?

Answer: Short answer no, you can sign up for one month, or for as many as you wish. On Feb 1st the prices will increase, so if you purchase before then you will lock in the early bird pricing.

Question:  If I purchase today, do my 30 days activate today?

Answer: Yes, the day you purchase is the day your “month” or 30 days begin.

Question: Can my subscription be customized?

Answer: Yes, please email or message me and we can customize your package. 

Question:  Will it auto renew?

Answer: Yes, the subscription will auto renew every 30 days.

You have until 5 days before the end of your month to cancel or pause payment for the next month. This can be completed on the landing page.

Question: Can I change what classes I do month to month, example month 1 boxing, month 2 pilates?

Answer: Yes with the second option, each month you can try a different facility. If in your first month you want pilates  you can, and then month two you want to try boxing, we can shift with your needs and monthly goals.

Question:  Are there specific classes or times I have to attend for this subscription?

Answer: No, you get access to the facilities booking platform and you get to book whichever classes work within your schedule. Each facility offers many different class times and offerings making it accessible to everyone.

No Excuse Boxing

Located in Burlington, ON they are a subscription partner, with this ultimate membership you will gain access to No Excuse Boxing. (Dependent on the program you choose)

Sweaty Strength Sessions

These classes take place at several locations. Included in your membership is access to Alana’s sweaty sessions. 

Exhale Pilates

Located in Burlington, ON they are a subscription partner, with this ultimate membership you will gain access to Exhale Pilates and the amazing class offerings they have. (Dependent on the program you choose)